Episode 107: The Crimson Binome

Mainframe comes under siege when a ship suddenly arrives in the docks and software pirates begin attacking the citizens and looting their booty. Dot first catches onto the problem when she discovers that Kit’s Sector is going off line, section by section as well as discovering that all links to the net are down. Her and Enzo race towards the docks to try and find out what the problems is. Meanwhile, Bob is at his apartment in Kit’s Sector, busily fixing his car and totally oblivious to what’s going on around him. Especially the gang of pirates who invade his home, snatch his car and Glitch and then disappear before he even knew they were there! He too heads down to the docks and discovers the pirates going about their dirty deeds. Angry about the loss of Glitch, he sets out to take back what rightfully belongs to him and Mainframe. He comes face to face with the captain of the vessel (the Saucy Mare) – Captain Capacitor, otherwise known as The Crimson Binome. But while Bob thinks he has the upper hand, he didn’t count on there being a large binome named Princess Bula, who snatches him up. As the pirates leave, Dot and Enzo are contacted by Phong who tells them that the pirates have kidnapped Bob. Dot takes charge of a rescue operation by first taking command of Mr Mitchell’s speedy boat. As they race off to rescue Bob, Bob is trying to use his charm and wits to outsmart the pirates. He manages to escape and cause the pirates no end of chaos, when finally Dot, Enzo and some CPU binomes arrive to help Bob out. But unfortunately they get cornered and Dot must use her business skills to get them out of it!

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