Episode 106: In The Belly Of The Beast

While Megabyte’s goons, including Hack and Slash, are roughing up Mr ‘Old Man’ Pearson at his Data Dump, they discover that he has an old unformat command hidden somewhere in the dump. Megabyte orders his virals to search the dump and bring the command to him. Of course, they don’t count on Bob showing up! Bob causes all sorts of turmoil for the terrible twosome and the rest of the virals. In the meantime, Hack and Slash’s efforts to bring Megabyte the unformat command take a different turn of events when Frisket arrives on the scene and eats it up! Megabyte orders the two to kidnap Enzo, as he knows that Frisket will follow to try and rescue the young sprite. Frisket, however, is starting to feel a little worse for wear as the unformat command tries to unformat his stomach! Bob tries to help him a little but they realise there’s not much they can do but wait. Dot sends Frisket out to meet Enzo coming home from school. As Frisket bumps into Enzo, Hack and Slash turn up and kidnap him, forcing Frisket to follow along behind. With very little energy left, and still feeling pretty awful, Frisket finally arrives at the Tor, only to be captured himself! Megabyte tries to open up Frisket to get at the command before it’s completely digested, but Enzo manages to trick Hack and Slash and he and Frisket manage to escape. Now they have to find their way out of the Tor, without getting caught by Megabyte!

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