Introduced in the aptly named episode “AndrAIa” in Season 2, AndrAIa has become a well-like character in the series. As an Artificial Intelligent Game Sprite, she managed to download a back-up of herself onto Enzo’s icon and was then transported out of the game with him. In the beginning everyone, excluding Enzo, tend to treat her like a child with no experience or knowledge of the world they live in, but are surprised when her practical and logical thinking tend to help their situations rather than hinder it.

Her and Enzo form a very strong bond, at first of just friendship, but it soon turns to love. She stands by his side and is often the calming voice of reason to Matrix’s anger and frustration. She is a very strong sprite, capable of taking care of herself in most sticky situations, including a showdown with an infected Guardian. And while AndrAIa could go to any system she wants to, she’s firmly stated that her home is with Matrix.

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