Episode 104: The Medusa Bug

With Dot being the workaholic, Bob and Enzo decide to kidnap her and take her on a picnic. While Bob has car troubles, across the other side of town, Megabyte has just tricked Hexadecimal into giving up one of her toys… the Medusa. However, it turns out that Hexadecimal has tricked him. After he opens it up, he unleashes a virus which freezes everything in it’s path. Megabyte is helpless to stop it and soon it infects the entire Tor and begins spreading across the city. While Dot is finally relaxing and Bob is busy trying to fix his car, Enzo spots Frisket heading towards them, with something frightening chasing after him. Frisket is unable to out run the dreaded virus and is frozen in mid run. Bob, Dot and Enzo manage to escape and head towards the Principal Office. There Phong warns them of what will happen to anything frozen by the virus for a long time. With Bob being unaffected by the Medusa, it’s up to him to try and convince Hexadecimal to reverse the effects of her virus.

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