Episode 103: Quick & The Fed

When Bob thwarts Megabyte’s plan to create a portal to the net, he steals something that’s dangerous to everyone – a magnet. On arriving back at Dot’s Diner, Enzo looks over Bob’s keytool, Glitch, with curiosity. Bob let’s Enzo play with Glitch for a bit, until Enzo turns Glitch into a Jackhammer. Bob quickly stops Glitch, but it’s too late. The vibrations cause the box storing the magnet to fall off the counter and onto the floor, spilling its contents. The magnet suddenly attaches itself to the nearest sprite – Dot – and drains the bulk of her energy. Bob hastily retrieves the magnet but is it too late? Racing over to the Principal Office, Bob is once again forced into a game of Pong with Phong before he can get the old sprites advice. Phong tells him that the only way to cure Dot would be if she consumed some slow food. Bob returns to Dot’s side and tells her what he is going to do. Despite her protests, Bob heads to the seedy Level 31 and into Al’s Wait and Eat restaurant. Of course, that’s exactly what the diner turns out to be – wait to eat! Suddenly Hack and Slash turn up on the scene looking for Bob. Bob convinces Al’s waiter to give him some ‘slow’ food and in return he’d get rid of the muscles. Unfortunately on his way back to Dot’s Diner, a game cube drops, delaying his return and now he must fight the User and rescue Dot before she disappears forever!

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