Episode 102: Racing The Clock

Enzo decides that he wants to be just as successful in business as his big sister Dot. So he starts his own business called “Enzo’s Over Write Delivery Service”. While at first everything seems to be going a little slow, Enzo manages to snare his first customer – Megabyte. Of course this is just another devious plan by Megabyte – this time, however, it’s a time-delete bomb disguised as a mask for the other Mainframe viral, the chaotic Hexadecimal. Hex on the other hand has discovered his scheme and plots an unfriendly welcome for the unsuspecting delivery boy. Unfortunately, in his eagerness, Enzo accidentally mentions to Dot and Bob that he is delivering a package to Hexadecimal. Dot discourages Enzo and instead makes Bob make the delivery. Bob tries to give the mask to Hexadecimal, who in turn uses her powers to throw Bob out of her lair, sending him flying towards Megabyte’s Tor. Enzo, who followed Bob to Lost Angles (the home of Hexadecimal), overhears Hex speaking to her ‘pet’, Scuzzy, about the time-delete mask. Enzo in a mad panic races back to his sister’s Diner and tells her what happened. Before Dot and Enzo manage to get to Bob, a game cube drops in and Bob automatically heads for it. Now it’s a race against the clock as Enzo and Dot try desperately to warn Bob about the bomb he’s carrying!

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