Episode 101: The Tearing

Bob, a guardian from the Super Computer, is being hassled by the nasty virus, Megabyte. Bob’s friends, Dot Matrix and her little over-enthusiastic brother, Enzo, convince Bob to visit the wise, old sprite, Phong, in the Principal Office to get some advice on how to handle the situation. After having to play a game of Pong in order to gain Phong’s respect and advice, Bob relays the situation to Phong – Megabyte wants a favour from the Guardian but won’t say what it is. Phong manages to give Bob some sound advice, but of course, being the all-out hero that he is, Bob decides to take on Megabyte by himself, rather than rely on his new friends. Megabyte soon reveals his plans – he has managed to capture an unstable Tear which leads to the Super Computer and wants Bob to use his key-tool, Glitch, to stabilise it into a portal so that Megabyte and his army can invade the Super Computer. Bob of course denies Megabyte his wish but when a game cube drops on Mainframe, thus stabilising the tear, Bob, with the help of Dot and a few other Mainframers, must stop Megabyte from gaining access to the now stable portal to the Super Computer!

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