Ray Tracer

He’s suave, he’s charming, and after he bumps into AndrAIa, he soon has his sights on impressing the young lady! But not with Matrix around! The two sprites are soon enemies but Ray proves himself to both Matrix and AndrAIa by his continual efforts to thwart the enemies that attack the sprites on their journey back to Mainframe.

Ray is a web search engine, travelling on his surf baud which contains all of his information – Ray himself is actually a part of his baud. He’s able to transform into his ‘web’ mode in order to survive the massive energy build-ups within the web itself. His powers are quite similar to Bob’s, with the ability to create a portal out of a tear.

Ray finally ends up in Mainframe and continues to support his new friends by helping to defeat the users released by saved games while the system is unstable. It’s not long before another female sprite catches his eye and soon his focus is almost completely on Mouse!

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