She’s smart, sexy and cunning. A sprite who’s had previous run-ins with Bob in the Super Computer, Mouse is a loner and a hacker for hire… just so long as you don’t double-cross her! She makes her first appearance in Season 1, where she almost deletes Enzo’s brain, after being hired by Megabyte to do a job for him. Of course, Megabyte is a virus and never one to keep his word, so it’s not long before Mouse finds out her employer has double-crossed her.

She soon rubs Dot the wrong way with her constant flirting with Bob and quick-witted remarks, but it’s not long before Mouse realises that Dot’s not just a pretty face.

Mouse is very loyal to her friends, especially Bob who has given her the opportunity to redeem her little crimes on many occasions, and it’s not long before she soon begins calling Mainframe her home.

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