The evil that is Megabyte is what causes more problems for the citizens of Mainframe than the User does when it inputs a game. The power-hungry, extremely intelligent Virus is always looking for a sneaky way to gain access to the Principal Office, the Core or even Bob’s brain! His ultimate goal, while to gain control of Mainframe itself, is actually to get into the Supercomputer. He wants the cake and eat it too.

Megabyte has always been the main enemy for Bob – usually because Hexadecimal is surprisingly, a little more easier to keep an eye on. Megabyte took over a whole sector of Mainframe by infecting and enslaving the population in that sector. While his minions are loyal, most live in fear of the powerful virus – usually because they know what the consequences are if they fail to perform their duties.

Megabyte is also known for his double-crossing. First with Mouse, then with Bob and then even with his sister, Hexadecimal. All because of his greed for control of Mainframe.

In the end, though, while most thought that a showdown would be between Bob and Megabyte, Matrix was the one who was most affected by Megabyte hurting his close friends and family. In turn, though, Mouse managed to double-cross the Virus when he tried to escape to the Supercomputer. She instead changed the portal to the net to a portal to the web and he was pulled in, never to be seen from again – or is he?

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