About ReBoot

ReBoot is a half hour TV series created by Canadian company, Mainframe Entertainment. The series is done entirely in CG (Computer Graphics) animation and was the first of its kind to be produced as a full-running series.

The series follows a group of characters who live inside a computer system called “Mainframe”. Within this system are various formats of characters such as the sprites (our heroes), binomes, numerals, nulls and other forms of life. Each has a specific job to do to keep the system running.

The series itself focuses on a specific group of sprites who face various obstacles such as viruses and games which they must fight in order to protect their system. The main hero is Bob, a Guardian from the Super Computer who is a bit of a city boy in a country town. Its his job to protect the citizens from their enemies and the User who likes to ‘input games for pleasure’, but he’s yet to learn why the User does this. Bob’s friends throughout the series are Dot Matrix, a careful planner and strong leader who runs a diner and owns some shares in a few other businesses around the city; Enzo Matrix, Dot’s younger brother who’s eager to follow in Bob’s footsteps; Phong, the wise old sprite who seems to keep the system running smoothely and has a great deal of knowledge on various matters (important and unimportant); Matrix, Enzo’s older version who is the tough guy with an attitude problem; AndrAIa, a game sprite who has become Matrix’ lover and the only one who can keep him calm in most situations; Mouse, a hacker who had dealt with Bob before he had arrived in Mainframe and for a time was competing with Dot for his affections and Ray Tracer, a web surfer who joined them later in the series and has now become the object of Mouse’s affections. Along with these main characters are, of course, the enemies – the viruses. Megabyte is a power-hungry virus determined to take control over everything; Hexadecimal loves to cause chaos and mayhem and Daemon seems sweet and innocent but is in fact very, very deadly.

ReBoot has been running since 1992 when production first began, up until its most recent season (4) which ended in 2001.

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