The chaotic sister of Megabyte, Hexadecimal loves disorder and madness. She thrives on it – after all that’s how she was built. Her fascination in Bob, though, sometimes causes more problems than I think she or he would like. She often toys with him, decides on whether or not to delete him – and usually she doesn’t. Although she was a part of the plan in the plot against Bob, she seemed glad when he had returned and while he became her prisoner, her decision on whether to delete him or not was put on hold once again, when he managed to mend her face and therefore her sanity.

I believe, however, that while Hex was a little nutty, her insane ways did not come forth until after she was struck by a gamecube while firing an energy weapon on the Principal Office. The extremely powerful energy from the cube and from the weapon (which was charged by her own energy) almost destroyed her completely. While Megabyte managed to have her ‘fixed’ he also put a ‘dog-collar’ on her to keep her under his control – at least for the time being. Hex was a little more mad from that point on, and Bob soon realised this when she kidnapped him after his return from the web. Hexadecimal was extremely grateful when he did fix her face and said, in not so many words, that she wouldn’t hurt them again. She was then lucky during the restart when Bob managed to convince Phong into giving Hexadecimal a PID and registering it along with the others, so that when the virus program kicked in, she wouldn’t be erased.

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