Enzo Matrix

Young Guardian in Training

This energetic young sprite has one goal in mind… to be like Bob! Enzo basically attaches himself to the prospect that one second, he will be a Guardian like Bob is. When Bob arrived, he was not only the hero and protector of the system, but he was Enzo’s idol.

Enzo, like most young sprites, tends to get himself into trouble somehow. Whether it’s getting caught in a game rather than trying to avoid them, delivering packages to Hexadecimal or causing all sorts of mayhem for Megabyte (or Megabreath as he likes to call him), Enzo’s reasons behind it are valid. He wants to be like Bob and protect the system, and he wants to be like his sister and be successful in business.

With his faithful companion, Frisket, at his side, the young sprite sets out on all manner of adventures, helping and learning from Bob about defeating the User in a game; battling the enemy whether it be a virus, codemaster or pirate; protecting and helping (or trying to) his family and friends and his biggest adventure of all… meeting a young female game-sprite named AndrAIa!!

While in later episodes we see young Enzo is now the young adult – Matrix, we see the younger version of himself re-appear in the very last episode of Season 3, when Matrix forgets to change his icon back from the game-sprite mode to the normal-sprite mode. Enzo’s original normal-sprite mode is re-incarnated and the energetic young fellow appears again – to the amazement and confusion of the rest of them!!

Mean Green Fighting Machine

Matrix is the older version of Enzo. After he and AndrAIa were trapped in the games, both of them grew up fairly quickly due to the nature of the games speeding up the process of their aging. Very bitter from not being able to defeat the User, Matrix worked out pretty hard to get into physical shape so that it would never happen to him again. The psychological strain of being away from his family and friends shows up several times when he is confronted with people and places that are similar to home. His anger and hatred towards Virals was obvious in the first episode that we see him in “Icons” when Glitch detects a Viral signature and he races over to investigate, hoping that it would be Megabyte so that he would be able to take out his revenge. Luckily, AndrAIa has managed to keep Matrix in check – most of the time. With her support, friendship and love, Matrix soon realises that his real goal was to find Bob who was lost in the web… and to get home.

After losing his eye in the game that ended up transporting them all away, it was replaced with a targeting system which was also linked to his favourite weapon, a gun. His gun has a life of it’s own, almost. It comes to him when he calls it, with a few key phrases like “Gun! Command Line” he can make it do just about anything. With his targeting eye, he can track down anything, especially if he’s used his gun to target the enemy/object.

He soon realised that his own temper and frustration almost cost him AndrAIa. After arriving in a system with a portal to the web and the net, they meet up with a surfr known as Ray Tracer. This suave and charismatic character takes a liking to AndrAIa straight away, and while AndrAIa is in love with Matrix, she can’t help but like the attention she’s getting from Ray. Matrix, of course, is none to happy with the surfr at all and at every opportunity, finds some way to show his dislike of the charmer. Unfortunately he ends up in an argument with AndrAIa who wanders off alone and gets bitten by a web creature, who drains out most of her code. Fearing she will die, Matrix does the usual by trying to hunt down and kill the web creature that did it, only to be stopped by Ray who tells him that they need to keep the web creature alive so that they can get back AndrAIa’s code. After a few stints where Matrix decides to do things ‘his way’, he soon becomes friends with the surfr after he risks life and limb to help save AndrAIa. Thankfully Bob arrives and saves the day.

On arriving back in Mainframe, Matrix’ hatred for Megabyte grows even stronger after he sees what the nasty Virus has done to his beloved city. The duel towards the end of the series between Megabyte and Matrix is both physical and psychological as Megabyte taunts and teases Matrix. In the end, though, Matrix does not kill Megabyte. He knows that it would mean he would be just like the Viral, and he wanted Megabyte to suffer for the rest of his life rather than give him the quick way out.

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