Dot Matrix

Dot Matrix is currently the of the System Mainframe. During her teenage years she opened her own business “Dot’s Diner”. From here it became ovbious that she had a strong head for business and soon had shares and interests in various other businesses in Mainframe. After losing Bob to the web, Dot’s skills in business, planning and negotiating along with her love for her home and the citizens, friends and family, made her the perfect candidate for the position of In fact it was her strength and determination that encouraged everyone to look to her as their new leader.

Dot Matrix is a sprite (humanoid-type character) with black hair, green skin and purple-coloured eyes. Dot seems to be the only character in the series with an extensive wardrobe outside of the games. Ranging from the familiar peachy-coloured jumpsuit with black boots, to a pink and white jogging outfit, to a brown-coloured, sleeveless jumpsuit followed by a black and grey sleeveless jumpsuit; then back to the brown-coloured sleeveless jumpsuit to a black and white shirt and pants…. and topped off with her wedding dress! But I doubt that fashion sense is high on Dot’s list. Each outfit serves a purpose with her brown sleeveless jumpsuit and her black and grey jumpsuit depicting her more serious tone during the time of crisis. Her teen garb was definitely more of a ‘trend’ that Dot may have either been following or trying to set (can we say 80′s-nu-wave fashion? *shudder*). One thing that you’ll always see Dot with is her datapad. She hardly ever seems to leave it behind. Its her important tool to make business transactions and keep in contact with everyone.

Dot’s history is something that’s only been clarified more recently (Season 4). While we all know she is the older sister of Enzo/Matrix, the parents have been somewhat of a mystery until Season 4. While we still know nothing of their mother, their father – Welman Matrix – was a scientist of sorts who unexpectedly helped to bring about the destruction of Mainframe’s twin city. After his ‘death’, Dot took on an even harder role – taking care of Enzo!

Dot’s relationship with Bob is probably one of the most complex – and frustrating – in the series. Their strong feelings for one another has always been marred by their jobs, her family, their duty to Mainframe and just plain confusion. Her and Bob are pretty much complete opposites – her the planner, him the spur-of-the-moment guy. But its for this reason that the two are attracted to one another. When Bob was thrown into the web, her strength and determination held her together because she believed that he would return someday. But as things in Mainframe slowly began to decay under Megabyte’s power, so did her faith in ever seeing him again. So when he finally did return, as Glitch Bob, she had no idea how to react. She felt like she had betrayed him for feeling the way she did. But she soon realised that Glitch Bob loved her deeply and her own feelings towards him became more apparent. However, somewhere along the way (between the end of Season 3 and the beginning of Season 4) the impending fight against Daemon and her army seemed to have somehow gotten in the way, once again, of their relationship and it returned to being more ‘platonic’. But when Dot realised she could lose Glitch Bob, her love for him shone through again….. until the second Bob arrived. Then it all fell apart for Dot. The second Bob represented everything before Megabyte betrayed them, before Bob first disappeared.. before everything went wrong. Glitch Bob represented everything that went wrong. Her frustration and confusion at being thrown into the situation only seemed to make things worse – however it soon became apparent that she wanted to feel safe again, and as the second Bob represented all that was good, she thought that he was the best choice. After the discovery that the second Bob was not who he appeared to be, Dot almost didn’t want to deal with the whole situation – she had betrayed the true Bob, despite the fact that everyone had been fooled by the disguise.

Enzo Matrix is a handful for Dot at the best of times. The young, energetic sprite causes Dot no end of frustration and worry. Her strictness in keeping him on time for school and making sure he’s safe from harm seem to bug the young kid, but he admires his sister’s business-sense and even tried to follow in her footsteps by setting up his own business. Unfortunately, being the young sprite he is, he only ended up worrying his big sister even more. Dot found it rather difficult in letting Enzo go into the games without her there to protect and help him. But she knew that she could not run Mainframe and play against the User in the games as well. So when a game Enzo was in was won by the User, Dot believed that her brother was lost to her, and that now she had no family left. When Enzo returned later, in the form of the much larger Matrix, Dot’s fears were laid to rest. She knew now that her brother was not only safe but he had managed to find away to survive the game. It also became obvious to her that AndrAIa had something to do with helping Matrix keep the faith in returning home, and so Dot realised that the best person to deal with Matrix and his ‘new personality’ was AndrAIa. When the young Enzo also returned, she decided to put it to Matrix, being the older ‘brother’ to now take care of him, however it soon became obvious that even Matrix was busy with helping to protect the system and so Hack and Slash became surrogate fathers to the ‘little Matrix’.

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