Hear the word. The word is… Daemon.

This super-virus is nothing like the ones Bob and Dot are used to. Daemon seems kind and quite innocent, but all that is just a facade. Her purpose is to infect all systems, to bring order to where there was chaos. But her ideals are not exactly the same as everyone else’s. And while her unity seems to bring a strange peace to all the systems she has infected, our heros know all too well how viruses are corrupt and seek to only do as they are programmed to… destroy.

Daemon, however, seems to have a strong curiosity in the ways of love after she and AndrAIa have a heart-to-heart talk about AndrAIa’s feelings for Matrix, and vice versa. As Daemon is not programmed to love or be loved, she seems to long for something more than what she is receiving from her ‘victims’. However, with only a certain amount of time available to her, her need to bring her ‘messenger’ into her grasp grows stronger and no-one will stand in her way of completing her mission.

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