Episode 308: The Episode With No Name

Finally, Matrix, AndrAIa and Frisket arrive in a System with ports to the Net. They can go home! However, things don’t go as they planned after Glitch is stolen by a sneaky thief. Matrix chases after this scoundrel while AndrAIa decides to look for a transport. Matrix tracks the villain down to a bar, one that’s filled with weird creatures, but all seem to be outlaws themselves. Matrix, of course, walks in and the whole bar goes quiet – after all, he is a very intimidating sprite! AndrAIa on the other hand has learned some interesting news from a local tourist operator. It seems that Net and Web travel has been restricted – by the Guardians! Meanwhile, Matrix manages to get back Glitch from the thief, and then bumps into one of Bob’s old friends… Turbo. But soon a group of Guardians arrive to cause panic a chaos, as they search the city for the renegade guardian 452 – Bob. AndrAIa and Matrix fight off the Guardians and their drones while learning of an awful truth… Daemon.

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