Episode 307: Number 7

Matrix has grown despondent and has basically given up hope of ever reaching Mainframe after they have unable to leave a System after 5 games. AndrAIa tries to keep Matrix’s hopes alive but it seems useless. A game drops and they end up in a Golf game. However, to their surprise, an exact replica of Mainframe is in the game with them! Not only that, but Bob, Dot, Hack and Slash have also been spotted. Could Mainframe have somehow transported itself into a game? Matrix realises that this would be impossible, but as it’s still a game, they need to reboot and find out what the objective is. Unfortunately for them, they end up rebooting as…. Megabyte, Hexadecimal and Scuzzy!!! With AndrAIa starting to creep him out a little by her seemingly enjoying playing Hex, Matrix tries to convince Bob and Dot that he really is Matrix. But apart from the obvious problem of looking like their enemy, Matrix’s changed attitude is also one of the main problems in trying to convince them who he really is. Now he must find out who Number One is, and not only that, but he has to deal with who he has become!

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