Episode 306: Where No Sprite Has Gone Before

Matrix is starting to lose more patience each time they land in a System that isn’t Mainframe. He’s starting to lose hope that they will ever find it. AndrAIa and Matrix watch a strange group of sprites racing around chasing after some bright lights, or Spectrals as they are called. Matrix notices one of the sprites flying along behind the others looks very much like Bob. Matrix and AndrAIa soon learn that the sprites are the Hero Selective, a group that helps the System by defeating the User in the games. However, the Spectrals are actually in charge of the System. Matrix gets introduced to the leader of the Hero Selective, Captain Robert Cursor and they soon learn that these sprites were once Spectrals too. Now they want to go back to their previous forms, but the Spectrals won’t have it. In sprite form, they can defeat the User in the games, but not in spectral form. In spectral form, they can mend tears, but not in Sprite form. Thereby they stand at an impasse. AndrAIa, however is none too pleased with them hunting down and imprisoning the Spectrals and is soon found to side with them. Matrix stays with Rob and the Heroes but both AndrAIa and Matrix soon discover that there is a traitor amongst them….

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