Episode 302: Between A Racoon And A Hard Place

The citizens of Mainframe continue to lose confidence in Enzo. After AndrAIa and Mouse have their icons configured so that they can reboot in the games, AndrAIa and Enzo arrive in a weird game with a crazy Racoon. Not only that, but there are a few locals in the game too, who don’t want to have much to do with Enzo. Enzo and AndrAIa beg and plead with the citizens to help them to win the game, but with Enzo continually bumbling along, the Mainframers are not quite convinced. Meanwhile, Megabyte has the almost-destroyed Hexadecimal right where he wants her. He and Herr Doktor are putting his sister back together, but with a little device attached to her so that Megabyte may control her powers.

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