Episode 301: To Mend And Defend

Mainframe is without a guardian – or so Megabyte thinks. Young Enzo Matrix takes on the role of Guardian, despite being only a cadet version 1, and tries valiantly to defeat the User in the games and defend the system from Megabyte and Hexadecimal. And with the aid of a young female sprite at his side – AndrAIa – Enzo feels he can take on anything. Unfortunately, he soon realises that everyone’s against him. The citizens have doubts about Enzo becoming their saviour and Megabyte manages to play on their fears a little by causing propaganda. And it’s also realised that AndrAIa cannot go into the games as her icon is not configured in a way that will get her back out of the game! With his big sister now taking on the role of Command.Com, Enzo must take on the User and get the citizen’s confidence in him back!

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