Bob is the Guardian Sprite for the System of Mainframe. He took on the role after a terrible explosion occurred which destroyed Mainframe’s twin city and created two rather nasty viruses. He became Glitch Bob after his keytool ‘Glitch’ merged with him in order to help AndrAIa, Matrix and the crew of the Saucy Mare return to Mainframe from the web. Bob is considered as an exceptionally skilled Guardian and a trusted friend to the citzens of Mainframe.

Bob, in his ‘original’ format is a sprite (humanoid-type character) with a silver coloured mop of hair, big brown eyes and blue skin. He wears a blue-green uniform with orange epaulets, black boots, orange knee pads and an orange belt. His icon is coloured yellow and black, indicating his guardian status. He carries with him a keytool named ‘Glitch’, a semi-sentient device that can transform into various objects. The key tool and the blue-green uniform are often considered as standard Guardian issues. As Glitch Bob, he wore a silvery-white and black uniform with gold epaulets, a gold belt and black shoes. His icon, normally situated above the ‘heart’, sits in the middle of his chest on top of a gold star-like crest. His hair is black and silver and much longer than his original version. He also has web scars on his face and neck after being exposed to the harsh elements of the web.

Not much is known about Bob’s past, moreso before his time at the Guardian Academy in the Super Computer. So far, the series has yet to introduce whether he had any family or not.

Bob in his original format possessed no special powers, but as Glitch Bob, he had the ability to mend tears and fire energy bursts on his enemies with his powers he gained after merging with his keytool.

Bob is a highly skilled Guardian. His knowledge of various creatures, viral entities and anomalies has made his services to Mainframe invaluable. He’s very good at assessing the situation and determining a suitable course of action, usually on the fly.

Bob’s relationship with Dot Matrix originally started out as platonic, although there were many moments where they were both rather flirtatious. Eventually, although neither of them seemed willing to admit it, the two of them fell deeply in love. It was on Bob’s return (as Glitch Bob) that the two finally realised their feelings for one another. But, when the second Bob arrived, Glitch Bob discovered that everything he had done to secure their relationship up until that point seemed to be in vain, as Dot expressed her fondness for the original Bob. Glitch Bob felt at a terrible loss as it seemed he could not win back Dot’s affections. Despite the discovery of who this second Bob actually was and Dot’s subsequent guilt over the way she had treated him, Glitch Bob – now returned to his original format – loved Dot deeply enough to forgive her.

Bob is not only a hero in the eyes of Enzo (and his older self, Matrix), but he was also a father figure for a time and a good friend. Bob seems to understand Enzo’s enthusiasm in wanting to follow in his footsteps, possibly because Bob may have gone through the same thing when he was younger. But his relationship with Matrix took its toll when he became Glitch Bob. Matrix seemed to relate more to the original Bob than this new format, and was made more apparent when the second Bob arrived. Glitch Bob tried desperately to help knock some sense into Matrix’s often ill-tempered and ill-fated decisions, but often without much success.

According to the series, Bob has known Mouse for longer than he has known Dot and Enzo. Mouse’s appearance seemed to bring back many memories of his life in the Super Computer, namely all the previous run-ins he had with Mouse while there. His relationship to her is one of friendship, regardless of the number of times where Mouse has ‘taken advantage’ of him while his guard was down. To Bob, however, he just sees that as being part of her fun-loving nature.

Bob looks to Phong many times for guidance, usually at times where a pretty important and/or difficult decision is to be made. He always loved to play Pong against Phong, only because it was so simple for him compared with the games he was used to playing. And while often Phong seemed to make no sense, Bob knew he could rely on him for the best advice in times of trouble.

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